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LinuxSampler 0.5.1 (console window), JSampler "Fantasia" 0.8a and gigedit 0.1.1 in action on the Windows operating system. These are the versions coming with the first official Windows installer "20071207".

Fantasia - A JSampler distribution with a modern skin based view.

Fantasia on Mac OS.

JS Classic on Android

Flipping between channel lanes with swipe action
Flipping between sampler channels with swipe action

This is our brand new instrument editor called gigedit. It's yet in an early alpha stage (v0.0.3, March 2007), but already capable of managing almost all aspects of the Gigasampler format, allowing to edit existing .gig files as well as creating new ones completely from scratch. Due to the early development state however, please make sure to backup your .gig files before editing them with gigedit.

There are also screenshots of gigedit on Windows:
Windows XP (default theme), Windows XP (classic theme).

A screenshot of qsampler, LinuxSampler's official GUI frontend written in Qt. Instructions for compiling and running the GUI can be found here.

This is the device management dialog in QSampler. LinuxSampler allows to use more than one (MIDI / audio) driver and more than one instance of the same driver at the same time. A driver instance is called a "device" in QSampler / LinuxSampler. With this dialog you can manually create and destroy MIDI and audio devices and alter their parameters as well as their MIDI port / audio channel parameters. As all driver informations are retrieved at runtime by QSampler, the current version will even be capable to manage future drivers with all their parameters without any need to update QSampler.

Some old screenshot from qsampler.

LinuxSampler running on a virtual console without GUI frontend.

JS Classic with left pane, LS console, statusbar and toolbars.

JS Classic without left pane, LS console, statusbar and toolbars.

More screenshots will be added. If you're a talented GUI designer/developer or a 2D/3D artist, please join us by subscribing to the linuxsampler-devel mailing list.