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jsampler Subversion History

2012-05-30 iliev
* save effect parameters into lscp file (see #179)
2012-01-30 iliev
* fixed bug #160
2012-01-25 iliev
* the default MIDI bank numbering is now zero-based
2011-12-15 iliev
* Initial support for Android platforms (only sampler channel manipulation for now - see the screenshots on the website)
2011-11-24 iliev
* fixed bug #156
2011-11-23 iliev
* Added option to select a sampler engine in Add/Edit Instrument dialog
* Moved all Swing dependent code outside the JSampler core
2011-09-19 iliev
* Usе multicolumn menus for adding instruments to MIDI maps and to orchestras from the Instruments Database
2011-08-17 iliev
* fixed engine cache
2011-08-16 iliev
* Cache engines' info to speed up the sampler channels' info retrieval
2011-07-18 persson
* minor build file change to make Mac OS X stub file configurable
2011-07-03 iliev
* added support for exporting effects to LSCP script
* Sampler Browser (work in progress): initial implementation of sampler channels
2011-06-28 iliev
* Sampler Browser (work in progress): initial implementation of main pane
2011-06-24 iliev
* Initial implementation of Sampler Browser (choose Window/Sampler Browser) - another way to view/edit the sampler configuration (work in progress - for now only support for viewing/editing send effects)
2010-10-14 iliev
* Add/Edit Instrument dialog and New MIDI Instrument wizard are now resizable
* Using multicolumn menus for loading instruments from Instruments Database and selecting values in string list parameters
2010-10-11 iliev
* Fantasia: Migrated to substance 6.1
* Fantasia: Some minor GUI enhancements
2009-09-13 iliev
* Added check box "Remember decision and apply to all selected instruments" to the "Map MIDI instrument" dialog when adding multiple selection (#131)
* Fantasia: Added option to keep Fantasia always on top (View/Always On Top)
2009-08-03 iliev
* preparations for release 0.9
2009-06-20 iliev
* hack to make JXTaskPaneContainer transparent on Windows
2009-06-12 iliev
* added support for exporting the MIDI instrument maps as Rosegarden device file
2009-06-11 iliev
* added support for exporting the MIDI instrument maps as text file or web page
2009-04-05 iliev
* fixed the channel order when exporting sampler configuration
* don't mute channels muted by solo channel when exporting sampler configuration
* don't ask whether to replace a file on Mac OS when using native file choosers
2009-03-29 iliev
* fixed bug in the sampler channel number notifications
2009-03-28 iliev
* Mac OS integration, work in progress: screen menu bar fix
2009-03-23 iliev
* Variable number of channel lanes (choose Edit/Preferences, then click the `Channels' tab)
2009-03-22 iliev
* Mac OS integration, work in progress:
* Added option to use native file choosers (choose Edit/Preferences, then click the `View' tab)
2009-03-16 iliev
* proper handling of connection failures
* renamed Channels Panels to Channel Lanes
* code cleanup
2009-03-15 iliev
* show controller names in fx sends dialogs
* save send levels when exporting sampler configuration
* ask when removing nonempty map
* fixed compilation error
2009-03-15 iliev
* Mac OS integration, work in progress: screen menu bar fixes
2009-03-14 iliev
* Fixed bug in the parameter table when editing string list parameters with no possibilities
* Mac OS integration, work in progress:
* ant: added new target build-fantasia-osx
* Moved the menu bar on top of the screen
* Use custom application icon
* Register LSCP scripts to be opened with Fantasia
* Changed shortcut keys (use command key instead of ctrl key)
2009-01-26 iliev
* fixed a bug in the channel selection
2008-12-24 iliev
* Added support for controlling the global sampler-wide limit of maximum voices and disk streams (choose Edit/Preferences, then click the `General' tab)
* Fantasia: store the view configuration of audio/MIDI devices and sampler channels in the LSCP script when exporting sampler configuration
* Fantasia: Implemented multiple sampler channels' selection
* Fantasia: Added option to move sampler channels up and down in the channels list
* Fantasia: Added option to move sampler channels to another channels panels
2008-10-08 iliev
* Implemented option to launch the backend if it is not yet started (choose Edit/Preferences, then click the `Backend' tab)
* LSCP scripts can now be run by passing them to jsampler as command-line arguments
* The scripts in the `scripts' directory now pass the command-line arguments to the respective jsampler distribution
* ant: the default target is now build-fantasia
* bugfix: backend address was always set to when adding backend to the backend list
2008-10-07 iliev
* Fantasia: Implemented multiple channels panels
* Fantasia: Refactoring - all basic UI components moved to org.jsampler.view.fantasia.basic package
2008-09-29 iliev
* Implemented option for adding instruments in separate directories in the instruments database (patch by Chris Cherrett & Andrew Williams, a bit adjusted)
2008-09-28 iliev
* Fantasia: Improved look and feel
* Fantasia: Added buttons for increasing/decreasing the key number of the MIDI keyboard (Ctrl+Up Arrow/Ctrl+Down Arrow)
* Fantasia: Added buttons for scrolling left/right on the MIDI keyboard (Ctrl+Left Arrow/Ctrl+Right Arrow)
* Added key bindings for triggering MIDI notes using the computer keyboard (from a to ' for the white keys and from 0 to 7 for changing the octaves)
* Notes are now triggered when dragging the mouse over the MIDI keyboard
2008-09-11 iliev
* Implemented virtual MIDI keyboard
2008-09-08 iliev
* Added `Copy To' and `Move To' commands to the MIDI bank context menu and to the MIDI instrument context menu
* Added commands to the MIDI instrument context menu for moving a MIDI instrument to another program (right-click on a MIDI instrument and choose `Change Program')
* Added option to choose between zero-based and one-based MIDI bank/program numbering (choose Edit/Preferences, then click the `Advanced' button)
* Added option to choose whether to include MIDI instrument mappings when exporting a sampler configuration to LSCP script. (choose Edit/Preferences, then click the `Advanced' button)
* Added option to set the MIDI instrument loading in background when exporting MIDI instrument mappings to LSCP script. (choose Edit/Preferences, then click the `Advanced' button)
* Implemented an option to change the socket read timeout (choose Edit/Preferences, then click the `Backend' tab)
* Updated LscpTree
* Fantasia: Added option to hide the active stream/voice count statistic in the sampler channel's small view (choose Edit/Preferences, then click the `Channels' tab)
* Fantasia: `Turn off animation effects' checkbox moved to the `View' tab
2008-08-26 iliev
* updated the manual
2008-08-12 iliev
* Reimplemented the MIDI bank/program assignment algorithm
2008-08-12 iliev
* fixed bug #98
2008-08-11 iliev
* Added toolbar to the Database Instrument Chooser dialog
* Instrument Chooser and Database Instrument Chooser dialogs are now resizable
* Fantasia: Added toolbar to the Right-Side Pane's Instruments Database
2008-06-02 iliev
* Fantasia: Aligned the numbering of sampler channels > 99
2008-06-02 iliev
* Orchestras, orchestra instruments, MIDI maps and MIDI instruments can now be removed using the `Delete' key from the keyboard
* Fantasia: Aligned the numbering of sampler channel 10
2008-05-31 iliev
* Renamed the column labels in the Channel Routing dialog: The column representing the sampler channel's audio channels is "Audio In" and the column representing the audio device's channels is "Audio Out"
* Remember the last used tab in the Preferences dialog
* Fantasia: The sampler channels are now referenced by their position in the list, not by their ID
* Fantasia: Implemented options to show the channel number and/or the MIDI input port/channel on the sampler channel screen when using Small View (choose Edit/Preferences, then click the `Channels' tab)
* Fantasia: Migrated to substance 5
2008-05-08 iliev
* Major memory optimizations when too many sampler channels are present
2008-05-04 iliev
* bugfix: JSampler took forever to load a configuration with too many sampler channels
* Implemented option to show different channel view when the mouse pointer is over sampler channel (choose Edit/Preferences, then click the `Defaults' tab)
2008-05-03 iliev
* Fantasia: Implemented Small View for sampler channels (right-click on the sampler channel then choose Small View)
* Fantasia: Implemented option to choose default sampler channel view (choose Edit/Preferences, then click the `Defaults' tab)
* Fantasia: Added context menu to sampler channels
2008-04-30 iliev
* Implemented pluggable channel view
* Some UI changes due to some substance changes
2008-04-29 iliev
* Added support for handling lost files in the Instruments Database (In the Instruments Database window choose Actions/Check For Lost Files)
* Fantasia: Added option to show the Instruments Database on the Right-Side Pane of the Fantasia's main window (choose Edit/Preferences, then click the `View' tab)
* Added new menu item in the Instruments Database window: Edit/Find
* Some minor bugfixes and enhancements
2008-03-19 iliev
* Optimized the MIDI instrument update process
2008-02-20 iliev
* fixed bug #84
2008-02-19 iliev
* The column sort order in the Instruments Database window is now saved for the next session
2008-02-14 iliev
* Implemented a backend list with option to manually choose a backend to connect on startup(Edit/Preferences, then click the `Backend' tab) and option to change the backend without restarting JSampler (Actions/Change Backend or Ctrl + B)
* Added confirmation messages for removing sampler channels and audio/MIDI devices (Edit/Preferences, then click the `View' tab)
2008-02-06 iliev
* fixed bug #77
2008-02-05 iliev
* fixed bug #76
2007-12-31 iliev
* fixed a null pointer exception in the AudioDevicePane, when JACK driver is used and the additional device parameters are shown.
2007-12-10 iliev
* fixed bug #66
2007-12-08 iliev
* docbook update: added Using Orchestras chapter
2007-12-06 iliev
* added confirmation dialog on exit
* some minor gui enhancements
* preparations for release 0.8a
2007-12-04 iliev
* Added support for monitoring the total number of active disk streams
2007-12-03 iliev
* Fantasia: by default the volume values are now shown in decibels
* Implemented support for retrieving instrument information from instrument files
* Some bugfixes and enhancements
2007-11-19 iliev
* Added option for turning off the custom window decoration (choose Edit/Preferences, then click the `View' tab)
* Added new menu item: Help/Online Tutorial
* Fantasia: first step of implementing a theme manager
* Fantasia: fixed the view of the channel's stream/voice count statistic
* some minor GUI fixes and enhancements
2007-11-18 iliev
* bugfix: if there is a cell editing in progress in the parameter table, it is now finalized before creating new audio/MIDI device
2007-11-18 iliev
* fixed a bug in the parameter table occuring when combo box is used as cell editor
2007-11-15 iliev
* fixed Windows file path support
2007-11-14 iliev
* added Windows file path support
2007-11-03 iliev
* bugfix: The parameter changes were discarded when creating new audio/MIDI device
* bugfix: The orchestras changes were not saved for the next session when orchestras.xml does not exist in the JSampler's home directory
* bugfix: In some cases the sampler configuration was not exported properly to LSCP script
* Some minor bugfixes and enhancements
2007-10-15 iliev
* preparations for release 0.7a
2007-09-22 iliev
* Added options for setting the maximum master and channel volume (choose Edit/Preferences)
* Fantasia: Edit instrument button is now shown on the channel screen only when there is loaded instrument on that channel
* Fantasia: Added options for showing additional device parameters in audio/MIDI device panes (Edit/Preferences, then click the `View' tab)
* Fantasia: Master volume is now fully implemented
2007-09-17 iliev
* Added support for formatting the instruments database
* Now database instruments and directories can have multiline descriptions
* Fantasia: added detailed error dialog
2007-09-16 iliev
* instruments db: slashes-in-names are now escaped with \x2f
* some bugfixes
2007-09-13 iliev
* added support for escape sequences to the instruments database
2007-09-11 iliev
* JS Classic: Added new button to sampler channels for starting an instrument editor
* The last used instrument selection method is now saved for the next session
* Fantasia: Removed the lock border from non-editable text fields in properties panes and LS Console
2007-09-10 iliev
* Fantasia: Added button to the channel screen for starting an instrument editor (point the mouse cursor over the channel screen and click 'Edit')
2007-09-09 iliev
* Added options for choosing default channel volume and MIDI instrument map
2007-09-08 iliev
* Implemented some UI enhancements for speeding up the MIDI instrument mapping process
* some minor bugfixes
2007-09-07 iliev
* Implemented more proper retrieval of the MIDI/audio driver settings
* Implemented new table cell editor for editing string list parameters with possibilities
* Some javadoc documentation fixes
2007-09-05 iliev
* Added context menu to the orchestra's instrument table with commands for editing an instrument, deleting an instrument, loading an instrument to a sampler channel and adding an instrument to MIDI instrument map
2007-09-04 iliev
* Fantasia: added new menu items - Edit/Add Channel, Edit/Create MIDI Device, Edit/Create Audio Device, View/Toolbar, View/Side Pane, View/Devices Pane
2007-09-01 iliev
* Fantasia: Added scrollbar to the channels pane
* Implemented automatic scrolling when new channel is created to ensure that it is visible on the screen
2007-08-31 iliev
* Added support for assignment of default MIDI/audio drivers to be used (choose Edit/Preferences, then click the `Defaults' tab)
2007-08-30 iliev
* Added option for default actions when channel is created (choose Edit/Preferences, then click the `Defaults' tab)
2007-08-29 iliev
* bugfix: the first loaded script was not always been executed
2007-08-29 iliev
* fixed bug #49
2007-08-28 iliev
* A lists of recently used instrument files, directories, database instruments, database directories are now available for quick access, where appropriate.
2007-08-26 iliev
* The locations of the last scanned instrument/directory and last added instrument to orchestra are now saved for the next session
2007-08-25 iliev
* The location of the last loaded instrument is now saved for the next session
2007-08-10 iliev
* Updated to version 0.6a. The Fantasia distribution is now capable of controlling all features available in LinuxSampler
2007-05-24 iliev
* upgrading to version 0.5a
2007-04-02 iliev
* upgrading to version 0.4a
2006-08-07 iliev
* updating to JSampler 0.3a
2006-03-17 iliev
* Updating to version 0.2a
2005-10-10 iliev
* The first alpha-release of JSampler