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qsampler Subversion History

2024-06-19 capela
* An Unthinkable Release (aka. v1.0.0)
2024-05-01 capela
* A Spring'24 Release Candidate 2 (aka. v1.0.0-rc2)
2024-04-10 capela
* A Spring'24 Release Candidate (aka. v1.0.0-rc1)
2024-01-24 capela
* A Winter'24 Release (v0.9.12)
2023-09-09 capela
* An End-of-Summer'23 Release (v0.9.11)
2023-06-01 capela
* A Spring'23 Release (v0.9.10)
2023-03-23 capela
* An Early-Spring'23 Release (v0.9.9)
2022-12-28 capela
* An End-of-Year'22 Release (v0.9.8)
2022-10-03 capela
* An Early-Autumn'22 Release (v0.9.7)
2022-04-02 capela
* A Spring'22 Release (v0.9.6)
2021-12-05 capela
* Dropped autotools (autoconf, automake, etc.) build system.
2021-07-04 capela
* An Early-Summer'21 Release (v0.9.4)
2021-05-11 capela
* A Spring'21 Release (v0.9.3)
2021-03-27 capela
* Switching to CMake build system as for packaging default.
2021-03-14 capela
* Qsampler 0.9.2 - An End-of-Winter'21 Release.
2021-02-07 capela
* A Winter'21 Release.
2020-12-17 capela
* A Winter'20 Release.
2020-03-24 capela
* A Spring'20 release.
2019-12-22 schoenebeck
* If connection to server aborted, try to automatically reconnect (if server was not started by QSampler).
2019-12-22 schoenebeck
* Fixed crash when a device disappeared on server side (caused by iterator invalidation).
2019-10-17 capela
* Qsampler 0.6.0 (autumn'19) released.
2019-04-11 capela
* A Spring-Break'19 release (v0.5.5)
2019-03-11 capela
* Pre-LAC2019 release frenzy: v0.5.4 is released.
2019-02-11 capela
* HiDPI display screen support (Qt >= 5.6). (EXPERIMENTAL)
2018-12-06 capela
* Preparations for v0.5.3 (end-of-autumn'18) release.
2018-12-03 capela
* Fixed MIDI and Audio device selection on the common sampler channel settings dialog.
2018-11-08 capela
* Old deprecated Qt4 build support is no more.
2018-09-13 capela
* Fixed LSCP MIME Type as sub-type of text/plain.
2018-05-20 capela
* Preparations for pre-LAC2018 release frenzy (v0.5.1)
2018-02-06 schoenebeck
* Fixed unnecessary latency when closing app.
2018-01-26 schoenebeck
* Fixed minor memory leak in device management dialog.
2018-01-03 schoenebeck
* Fixed device management dialog not responding to user changes.
2017-12-12 capela
* An Autumn'17 release: bumped directly to 0.5.0.
2017-04-28 capela
* Version 0.4.3 - Pre-LAC2017 release frenzy.
2016-11-13 capela
* Preparations for v0.4.2 - A Fall'16 release.
2016-09-14 capela
* End of Summer'16 release (v0.4.1).
2016-08-15 capela
* Fixed a race condition on creating sampler channels that ended in duplicate channel strips; also fixed channel auto-arrange.
2016-05-31 capela
* Removed manual setting of system include paths (a pull-request by Romain L├ętendart,, thanks).
2016-05-16 schoenebeck
* Automake: set environment variable GCC_COLORS=auto to allow GCC to auto detect whether it (sh/c)ould output its messages in color.
2016-04-12 capela
* Sync to upstream git repo.
2016-04-06 schoenebeck
* Fixed Debian build script: install rule was broken.
2016-01-08 capela
* Added application keywords to AppData.
2015-10-03 capela
* Messages standard output capture has been improved again, now in both ways a non-blocking pipe may get. (EXPERIMENTAL)
2015-08-25 capela
* Single/unique application instance control adapted to Qt5/X11. (EXPERIMENTAL)
2015-07-19 capela
* Preparations for v0.3.1 - Summer'15 release frenzy.
2015-07-17 schoenebeck
* Fixed configure script's Qt include directory lookup for some 64 bit Linux flavours.
* Prefer Qt5 over Qt4 by default with configure script.
2015-06-15 capela
* A new top-level widget window geometry state save and restore sub-routine is now in effect. (EXPERIMENTAL)
2015-03-09 capela
* Added application description as's AppData.
2015-03-03 capela
* Added this "Don't ask/show this again" option to some if not most of the nagging warning/error message boxes. (EXPERIMENTAL)
2015-01-22 capela
* Better configure checking for alternate Qt4/5 builds.
2015-01-21 schoenebeck
* When closing qsampler and showing the user the dialog whether to stop the LinuxSampler backend, set the default selection to "Yes".
2015-01-18 schoenebeck
* Mac OS X: Fixed default path of linuxsampler binary.
2015-01-13 schoenebeck
* Configure fix: don't overwrite CFLAGS or CPPFLAGS in between, as it would break cross compilation.
2014-12-24 capela
* Master volume slider now getting proper layout when changing its main toolbar orientation.
2014-08-03 capela
* Messages standard output capture has been slightly improved as for non-blocking i/o, whenever available. (EXPERIMENTAL)
2014-06-30 capela
* Adjusted configure check for libgig to detect the new includedir.
2014-06-18 capela
* Fixed configure check for SoundFont2 support (libgig/SF.h).
2014-06-16 capela
* A man page has beed added (making up Matt Flax's work on debian, thanks).
2014-06-15 persson
* Fixed small error in recent libgig configure check.
* Fixed old configure problem for cross compiling.
2014-06-15 capela
* Translations install directory change. (EXPERIMENTAL)
2014-06-01 schoenebeck
* Adjusted configure check for libgig to detect its new libdir (impolitely forcing the user now to have at least libgig 3.3.0).
2014-05-20 schoenebeck
* Added instrument list popup on channel strip which shows up when the instrument name is clicked. Allows faster switching among instruments of the same file.
2014-05-20 capela
* Added support for SF2 instrument names/preset enumeration. (EXPERIMENTAL)
2014-01-01 capela
* A fifth of a Jubilee release.
2013-07-01 capela
* Standard scalable format (SVG) and MIME type icons support for session files (*.lscp) is now being added.
2013-04-10 capela
* Preparations for Qt5 migration. (FIXING)
2012-12-29 capela
* Preparations for Qt5 migration. (TESTING)
2012-04-08 capela
* Added include <unistd.h> to shut up gcc 4.7 build failures.
2011-11-13 capela
* Fixed handling of installation directories to the configure script eg. --bindir, --datadir, --localedir.
2011-07-18 persson
* Made lookup of translation files work inside a Mac OS X bundle
* Minor Mac OS X compilation error fix
2011-06-05 capela
* Debugging stacktrace now applies to all working threads.
2010-10-06 persson
* Fixes for cross compiling and building for Windows with configure and make.
* Made lookup of translation files more robust on Windows
2010-08-23 capela
* libX11 is now being added explicitly to the build link phase, as seen necessary on some bleeding-edge distros eg. Fedora 13, Debian 6.
2010-07-15 capela
* Sampler channel and instrument file requester support for other than GIG instrument files (*gig *.dls) has been added, now also allowing for SFZ instrument files (*.sfz) loading.
2010-03-31 capela
* Initial widget geometry and visibility persistence logic has been slightly revised as much to avoid crash failures due to wrong main widget hidden state.
2010-03-29 capela
* General source tree layout and build configuration change.
2010-03-15 capela
* Maybe fixed instrument list view/model for Qt >= 4.6, at last.
2010-03-13 capela
* Automatic crash-dump reports, debugger stack-traces (gdb), back- traces, whatever, are being introduced as a brand new configure option (--enable-stacktrace) and default enabled on debug build targets (--enable-debug).
2010-03-12 capela
* Attempt to fix broken instrument list model/view for Qt >= 4.6.
2010-02-17 capela
* Device parameter spin-box default maximum has been set higher: now at a magic 24-bit limit (16777216) instead of older 16-bit (65536), possibly fixing bug #136.
2010-01-18 capela
* LADISH Level 1 support has been added: SIGUSR1 signal trap just makes it a shortcut to File/Save.
2010-01-07 capela
* MIDI Device Status menu is disabled when no MIDI device exists; a menu separator has been added.
* Window manager's close button was found missing from the Devices and Instruments widgets when on Qt >= 4.5, now fixed.
2010-01-06 capela
* MIDI activity indicator on channel strips is now implemented as a flashing green LED, instead of a lame solid background :). - New year's bumping.
2009-11-04 capela
* Czech (cs) translation added (by Pavel Fric).
2009-11-04 capela
* Global configuration state is now explicitly saved/committed to disk when View/Options... dialog changes are accepted and applied.
2009-08-01 capela
* Preparations for the 0.2.2 release.
2009-03-25 capela
* Russian (qsampler_ru.ts by Alexandre Prokoudine) makes it as brand first translation delivered. Thanks and welcomes who ever may follow ;)
2009-02-19 capela
* Converted obsolete QMessageBox forms to standard buttons.
2008-12-22 schoenebeck
* bugfix: max voices / streams spinboxes in options dialog were limited to 99 (now maximum is 999999999)
* bumped version to
2008-12-22 capela
* Tuning options tab layout stretch; bumped to
2008-12-07 schoenebeck
* Added support for runtime max. voices / disk streams setting (accessible from the "Options..." dialog). Those fine tuning settins will be saved in case the user modified them and automatically restored to the sampler when reconnecting to a sampler the next time.
* bumped version to
2008-10-21 capela
* Fait-divers: desktop menu file touched to openSUSE conventions.
2008-07-02 capela
* Due to some trouble with newer Qt >= 4.4 applications regarding font size configuration, a new global user option is now available to the rescue: View/Options... /Display/Other/Base font size (default none).
2008-05-23 capela
* Attempt to load Qt's own translation support and get rid of the ever warning startup message, unless built in debug mode. (transaction by Guido Scholz, while on qsynth-devel, thanks).
* Only one application instance is now allowed to be up and running, with immediate but graceful termination upon startup iif an already running instance is detected, which will see its main widget shown up automatically (Qt/X11 platform only).
2008-05-14 capela
* Messages file logging makes its first long overdue appearance, with user configurable settings in View/Options.../Server/Logging.
2008-03-11 schoenebeck
* fixed autoconf preprocessor macro bug regarding the new device status dialog
2008-02-26 schoenebeck
* bugfix in sampler channel dialog: driver combo boxes' content were screwed
* bumped version to
2008-02-19 schoenebeck
* fixed minor macro typo bug (causing compiler error on Qt < 4.3)
2008-02-19 capela
* Selection rectangle get visible only where it stands legal, that is for Qt >= 4.3, right on the channel sends fx dialog.
2008-02-18 capela
* Keep backward compability with Qt < 4.3 designer .ui files.
2008-02-17 schoenebeck
* automatically add & remove channel strips as they were removed e.g. by other frontends
* refresh device management dialog on external audio device changes as well
* bumped version to
2008-02-17 schoenebeck
* refresh device management dialog when device informations changed, e.g. on changes caused by other frontends (fixes segfault on device changes)
* rebuild device status window on device info changes (including ones caused by other frontends)
* bugfix: close all device status windows when main window was closed
2008-02-16 schoenebeck
* implemented MIDI device activity windows, selectable from the "View" main menu, still quite ugly I admit ;-)
* bumped version to
2008-02-15 schoenebeck
* bugfix: MIDI activity was only shown on the 1st channel strip
2008-02-14 schoenebeck
* implemented MIDI indicator LED on channel strips
2008-02-05 schoenebeck
* finished FX Sends dialog implementation
* bumped version to
2008-02-04 schoenebeck
* added FX Sends dialog to channel strips (still under construction, so far one can only create, destroy and rename FX sends, the rest is still to do)
* bumped version to
2008-01-13 nagata
* OSX Xcode project files are added (directory osx)
* OSX: PATH and plugin directory are modified on startup
* OSX: default timeout is set to 10000 ms (CoreMIDI is sometimes slow)
2008-01-07 capela
* Color pallete fix for the instrument name display in channel strip, particularly notorious on Mac OS X builds.
2008-01-05 schoenebeck
* Added dialog when the application exits which lets the user decide whether to keep the LinuxSampler running or not.
2007-12-06 capela
* Release 0.2.1: Qt4 migration complete.
2007-12-06 capela
* Fixed a stopping server crash on Windows, hopefully.
2007-12-06 capela
* Qt4 migration: complete QSampler namespace overhaul.
2007-11-26 capela
* Qt4 migration: instrument map context menu is back in business.
2007-11-26 schoenebeck
* Added recent new support of libgig for retrieving instrument names in a very fast way. If libgig provides this feature, then the respective name retrieval setting in qsampler is enabled by default.
2007-11-26 capela
* Fixed crash on (All) instrument map list; instrument program number list display fix (off by one); header section widths are now arranged as in the Qt3 version.
2007-11-25 capela
* Qt4 migration: fixed instrument map list sorting.
2007-11-24 schoenebeck
* fixed table heights in device management dialog for Qt 4.2.x as well
2007-11-24 capela
* Refresh device list form on initial show up.
2007-11-24 capela
* Narrower QTableView row heights and header section left-alignment.
* Smoothed the old shinny display effect bitmap.
2007-11-23 schoenebeck
* minor beautification in device managment form (don't limit the table heights, added a splitter between device parameter pane and port parameter pane, don't fill a selected parameter table cell with a background color)
2007-11-23 capela
* Fixed sure crash when removing channel strips.
* Force auto-arrange when adding channel strips, among other incremental fixes.
2007-11-23 capela
* The current selected/activated channel-strip is now visually evident while in the application workspace (highlighting).
2007-11-23 capela
* Qt4 migration: more cleanups and channel strip visual fixes.
2007-11-22 capela
* Make View/Menubar and Toolbar shortcuts accessible even though the main menu and toobar are not visible.
2007-11-22 schoenebeck
* fixed another minor but important bug in device management dialog
2007-11-22 capela
* Audio routing table is initially hidden in the dialog, when creating a new sampler channel.
* README requirements and configuration notes update.
2007-11-22 schoenebeck
* fixed device manager dialog's amok run: the Qt4 QString::toLower(), QString::toUtf8() methods and Co only return temporary objects which can of course NOT directly be used as char* pointers for the liblscp C API (fixed this issue in qsamplerDevice.cpp only yet, expect all other source files to still have the same problem)
2007-11-21 schoenebeck
* Disable OK button in sampler channel form and MIDI instrument form if no valid engine is selected (to avoid bothering newbie users with confusing LSCP syntax errors when using the UI the first time).
* Replaced Debian packaging dependency from libqt3-mt-dev to libqr4-dev.
2007-11-21 capela
* Qt4 migration: Qt3Support is now scrapped.
2007-11-20 capela
* Qt4 migration: one first step forward to kiss Qt3Support goodbye.
2007-11-19 schoenebeck
* Qt4 migration: finished MIDI instrument mapping dialogs, with this commit all the functionalities from the Qt3 version of qsampler are finally restored, only minor "cosmetical" things to fix now
2007-11-19 schoenebeck
* Qt4 migration: finished channel setup dialog
* cosmetical fixes of channel strip
2007-11-17 schoenebeck
* Qt4 migration: finished / fixed device management dialog.
* Fixed creation of devices (don't try to set device parameters which the user did not touch in the device creation dialog, this bug already existed in the Qt3 version of QSampler).
2007-11-12 schoenebeck
* again just a minor step for Qt4 port: couple fixes in device management list view
2007-11-11 senoner
* added Windows file path support
* fixed win32/qmakefile and win32/config.h so that it compiles under win32
2007-11-06 schoenebeck
* Qt4 migration: trivial but important - show channel strips in their own independent MDI windows
2007-11-05 schoenebeck
* Qt4 migration: fixed another bunch of ghost connections, fixed engine combo box in channel form, fixed stdout ouptut in message window (a lot of white lines were shown), show channel strip on the work space (and not in the nirvana of the desktop universe)
2007-11-05 capela
* Qt4 migration: still far from complete, the .ui files got shaved with special regard to some redundant or duplicated signal/slot connections and to the options dialog font aesthetics as also other minors.
2007-11-04 schoenebeck
* Qt4 migration: fixed ghost signal connections
2007-11-01 capela
* Qt4 migration: added missing signal/slot connections for most forms.
2007-11-01 capela
* Qt4 migration: configure and icon/pixmaps resource arrangement.
2007-10-28 schoenebeck
* started to port QSampler to Qt4 (NOTE: this version is yet broken, use the latest tarball release 0.1.5 until the Qt4 port is completed)
2007-10-12 capela
* Changed client interface function, for editing instrument, from: lscp_edit_instrument() to lscp_edit_channel_instrument().
2007-10-12 schoenebeck
* added support for escape sequences in LSCP response fields
* bugfix in escaping file names for LSCP: characters with an one digit hex code caused a space (i.e. "\x a" instead of "\x0a")
2007-10-05 schoenebeck
* Added support for LSCP escape sequences to allow loading and mapping instrument files with special characters in their filename (fixes #47).
2007-10-04 schoenebeck
* minor Debian packaging fix: dependencies to liblscp and libgig were hard coded, shall be automatically extended by debhelper scripts instead (fixes #55)
2007-10-03 capela
* The new channel instrument editor tool is now also accessible from the main menu and toolbar.
2007-10-01 schoenebeck
* Added new button "Edit" to the channel strips, which probably does exactly what you think it does: it opens an appropriate instrument editor application.
2007-06-25 capela
* Application icon is now installed to ${prefix}/share/pixmaps; application desktop entry file is now included in installation; spec file (RPM) is now a bit more openSUSE compliant.
2007-06-13 capela
* Crash fix on double-clicking on a empty instrument list.
2007-02-07 schoenebeck
* minor Debian packaging fixes
2007-01-15 capela
* Master volume slider has tick marks and value is now rounded properly on session startup.
* Channel button colors have changed: yellow for mute and cyan for solo is now the rule, but note that this color highlighting is only rendered on some widget styles.
2007-01-15 capela
* Master sampler volume slider/spinbox combo is now featured.
2007-01-15 capela
* Sampler channel FX send level is now also saved.
2007-01-12 capela
* Initial support for sampler channel FX sends, while saving the session state, only at code-level.
2007-01-10 capela
* Regression on sampler channel strip display, MIDI port / channel is now back.
2007-01-08 capela
* MIDI instrument item editing has been fixed (hopefully).
* Sampler channel setup dialog does not mandate for valid nor existing instrument file name; dropped MIDI port from sampler channel strip display, only MIDI channel is now displayed.
2007-01-08 capela
* Instruments window gets its own toolbar (and statusbar too); also introducing MIDI instrument map selection to the view; MIDI instrument item editing now allows changing map, bank or program key values (were previously disabled).
2006-12-22 capela
* Fixed sampler channel MIDI instrument map assignment on session save.
2006-12-21 capela
* Manual sampler reset also resets all MIDI instrument maps.
2006-12-19 capela
* Revised error verbosity in general and on session load/save; hour-glass wait cursor is now displayed on session load/save; keyboard shortcuts changed on MIDI instruments view context; improved channel strip arrangement on session open/load; instrument map entry removal confirmation (as optional); corrected some tooltip text strings.
2006-12-18 capela
* Fixed session file save, correcting MIDI instrument map (re)numbering.
2006-12-17 capela
* Revised and extended MIDI instrument mapping feature; this time two (2) MIDI maps are being implicitly created, ones designated as 'Chromatic' (0) and another as 'Drum Kits' (1), which can be assigned to each sampler channel. (ATTN: this commit elevates the requirements for liblscp >= 0.5.0, also on todays CVS and pending proper release very soon).
2006-12-07 capela
* MIDI instrumeent map program numbers are now displayed in the range 1-128, instead of the internal 0-127.
2006-12-06 capela
* Fixed MIDI instrument volume setting.
* Enforcing uniqueness of bank and program key pair while editing the MIDI instrument map.
2006-12-05 capela
* Fixed some compilation warnings due to suspicious type casting and unsused header macros.
* Changed deprecated copyright attribute to license and added ldconfig to post-(un)install steps to liblscp.spec (RPM).
2006-12-04 capela
* Bare MIDI instrument map editing is now effective.
2006-12-03 capela
* Adding preliminary MIDI instrument mapping support; now with an instrument list widget and editing capabilities.
2006-11-29 capela
* Added preliminary MIDI instrument mapping support.
2006-06-01 capela
* Avoid using simplifyWhiteSpace(), traded for stripWhiteSpaces().
2006-06-01 capela
* Changed deprecated copyright attribute to license, on qsampler.spec (RPM).
2006-03-20 capela
* Added configure support for x86_64 libraries (UNTESTED).
2006-01-03 capela
* Optional specification of alternate liblscp and libgig installation paths have been added to configure command arguments (--with-liblscp, --with-libgig).
2005-12-23 capela
* Whenever the listing of actual instrument names is not an option (e.g. due to lack of libgig support), the whole number of selectable Instrument items is now being graciously increased from just the bare 8 (eight) right up through 100 (one hundred), on the sampler channel setup dialog.
* The selection buttons, on the right of the Instrument, Audio and MIDI devices combo-boxes, on the sampler channel dialog, are now expected to be a little better looking than it was before, at least for those Mac OS X eyes.
2005-09-13 capela
* Minor fixing on the initial messages dock-window height.
2005-08-30 capela
* Sampler channel audio routing changes are now being properly flushed upon immediate dialog acceptance,
2005-08-28 capela
* Audio output channel routing configuration finally hits the sampler channel dialog, at last! (EXPERIMENTAL).
2005-08-26 capela
* All widget captions changed to include proper application title prefix.
2005-08-24 capela
* Attempt to bring those aging autoconf templates to date; sample SPEC file for RPM build is now being included and generated at configure time.
2005-08-20 capela
* Set to use QApplication::setMainWidget() instead of registering the traditional lastWindowClosed() signal to quit() slot, just to let the -geometry command line argument have some effect on X11.
2005-08-19 capela
* Added MUTE/SOLO buttons to individual channel strips.
2005-08-16 schoenebeck
* Fixed compilation error which occured when Qt was compiled with -no-stl (fixes #23).
2005-06-23 capela
* Release 0.1.2: Even minor workings needs a rest.
2005-06-18 capela
* Minor stream/voice usage auto-refresh cycle optimization.
2005-06-18 capela
* Added CHANNEL_INFO event feedback notification handling.
2005-06-17 capela
* Fixed output disability when messages limit option is turned off (thanks to Wolfgang Woehl for spotting this one, while on qjackctl).
2005-06-15 capela
* Changed just slightly the way the Qt libraries are being detected on configure, for general portability.
2005-06-12 capela
* Release 0.1.1: The mantra of bugfixes.
2005-06-09 capela
* Added buddy text label to port/channel combobox on the device dialog.
2005-06-08 capela
* Makefile install fix on Mac OS X (thanks to Ebrahim Mayat).
2005-06-03 capela
* Install does the right thing with target file modes (thanks to Matt Flax for pointing this out).
2005-06-03 flax
* fixed debian packaging
2005-06-02 capela
* New improved and full-featured application icon, thanks to Christian Schoenebeck design.
2005-05-29 capela
* Device configuration now accessible on toolbar.
2005-05-25 capela
* Fixed refresh cycle of channel strips in error state, which was preventing correct channel info updates.
2005-05-23 capela
* Release 0.1.0: Device configuration breakthrough.
2005-05-09 capela
* [bug #9] Fixed for a LSCP command syntax convention consistency, regarding the enumeration of available sampler engines, Audio and MIDI drivers.
* [bug #13] Update instrument names list when a new instrument file is select on the channel setup dialog.
2005-05-08 schoenebeck
* Show appropriate message in channel strip while loading an instrument.
* Show libgig version in About box (in case libgig is used).
2005-04-02 capela
* Option "(none)" was added to device port/channel parameter settings which have multiplicity set on.
2005-04-01 capela
* Device setup right from the sampler channel dialog gets cleaner.
2005-03-31 capela
* Device setup is now also accessible from the sampler channel dialog.
2005-03-22 capela
* Device management classes rearrangement for local messages support.
2005-03-19 capela
* Fixed MIDI device parameter settings on session save.
2005-03-18 capela
* Fixed device parameter settings on session save.
2005-03-16 capela
* Fixed device parameter settings on session save.
2005-03-16 capela
* Fixed MIDI device mapping on session save.
2005-03-16 capela
* Device parameter dependencies are now properly handled.
2005-03-15 capela
* Device port/channel configuration is now complete (EXPERIMENTAL).
2005-03-14 capela
* Device configuration is now included and saved on session files.
2005-03-13 capela
* Device managament gets prettier with new icons.
* Channel device selection is now implemented.
2005-03-09 capela
* Device configuration is now partially functional.
2005-03-01 capela
* Fixed device driver type channel information gathering, which was severely flawed, dropping all channel session configurations to the default audio driver type (which is ALSA) unexpectedly.
2005-02-28 schoenebeck
* added Debian packaging structure
2005-02-24 capela
* Channels are now properly renumbered when saving to a session LSCP script, assuming that it should be always loaded from scratch (i.e. zero channels).
* Disabled MIDI port setting on channel dialog, and on session file save, as its use is still troublesome.
* Descrimination as for drag-and-drop of instrument files has been refined and fixed again.
2005-02-23 capela
* Added new menu and toolbar option: Reset All Channels.
* Channel setup changes are now properly filtered, as for only those settings that are actually changed gets applied; change information are now also posted to messages window.
2005-02-20 capela
* Drag-and-drop to an existing channel strip is now also featured, allowing the in-place change of the channel sampler instrument file.
2005-02-18 capela
* Drag-and-drop of instrument files now fixed.
2005-02-17 capela
* Drag-and-drop of either session files (LSCP scripts) or instrument files (GIG) are now supported. Multiple files drop is allowed, but it only makes sense for instrument files, each one prompting to create a new sampler channel.
2005-02-14 capela
* Added support for INSTRUMENT_NAME field from GET CHANNEL INFO command.
2005-01-18 capela
* Actual instrument names are now optionally retrieved from the instrument file, even though libgig is available, avoiding excessively annoying load times while on the channel dialog, when huge instrument files are selected.
2004-11-19 capela
* Sampler channel is now completely detached from UI strip class.
2004-11-17 capela
* Instrument index selection now made via combo box widget; actual instrument names are now properly retrieved from the instrument file, provided if libgig is available.
2004-11-16 capela
* Sampler channels strips are just created if, and only if, the respective channel setup dialog is actually accepted, following common user-interface guidelines.
2004-10-11 capela
* Fixed MIDI channel settings.
2004-10-06 capela
* Channel strip display glass effect is now an option.
2004-09-28 capela
* Sampler reset command action added to menu and toolbar.
* MIDI channel selection is now a dropdown list, allowing the explicit selection for "All" channels input per sampler channel (omni).
* Channel strip display glass effect has changed background color to black (was green).
* Minor configure fixes.
2004-07-06 capela
* Channel dialog gets sensible engine and driver defaults on create time.
* Implied channel reset on successful instrument load.
2004-06-29 capela
* Effective MIDI input port setting on channel dialog.
2004-06-27 capela
* Avoid channel voice/stream usage auto-update while intrument loading is erroneous or incomplete.
2004-06-26 capela
* Save session filename quotes missing on LOAD INSTRUMENT NON_MODAL.
2004-06-26 capela
* Prepared for client event protocol interface, via thread-safe QCustomEvent callback posting, on attempt to comply with draft-protocol v.11.
2004-06-24 capela
* Mon-modal intrument file loading and status experimental support.
2004-06-14 capela
* The channel context menu is also accessible by right-clicking over the empty workspace area.
2004-06-12 capela
* Added small wait event loop on qsamplerMainForm::stopServer(), so let local server terminate gracefully and stabilize, and avoiding a probable segfault on exit, which was preventing the correct salvage of settings and configuration.
2004-06-09 capela
* Maximum channel volume percent setting is now a global option, provided to override the default (which is 100%).
* Client/server transaction timeout option upper limit has been increased from 5000 to 60000 milliseconds.
2004-06-08 capela
* A channel context menu is now featured, by right-clicking over each sampler channel strip.
2004-06-07 capela
* Comment SET CHANNEL MIDI_INPUT_PORT command from saveSessionFile(), it has no effect.
* Insert a n #include <unistd.h> on qsamplerMessages.h, between
* An initial non zero value (0.8) should be set for the channel volume, while GET CHANNEL INFO command is pending implementation.
* The order to load/save and setup channel settings is now as suggested in the following lines: SET CHANNEL AUDIO_OUTPUT_TYPE ... SET CHANNEL MIDI_INPUT_TYPE ... SET CHANNEL MIDI_INPUT_CHANNEL ... LOAD ENGINE ... LOAD INSTRUMENT ... SET CHANNEL VOLUME ...