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2019-09-17 New NKSP core language features in the latest development version: Support for Real Numbers, Standard Units and Finalness ...
2019-07-27 LinuxSampler 2.1.1 had been released. This is mainly a maintenance release. See the release notes for details.
2019-03-10 The macOS Installer has been modernized e.g. using now Gtk 3 for Gigedit and Qt 5 for QSampler and a modern C++11 capable compiler. Support for ancient PowerPC Macs and 32-bit Intel Macs has been dropped for that reason. So all Mac snapshot builds starting from today onwards will require a 64-bit Intel Mac with at least macOS 10.7 or higher. If you still have one of those ancient Macs and can't find an old snapshot build on our website that still works for your old Mac, then you may write us on the mailing list.
2017-11-26 LinuxSampler 2.1.0 had been released after two years of development. Check the release notes for a detailed review of what's new with LinuxSampler and friends.
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Latest Subversion Commits

2019-10-25 schoenebeck
* Using now cubic interpolation as resampling algorithm by default; and linear interpolation is deprecated now.
* Bumped version (2.1.1.svn23).
2019-10-03 schoenebeck
* gig format extension: Added support for different LFO wave forms (currently either sine [default], triangle, saw or square).
* gig format extension: Added support for LFO phase displacement (0°..360°).
* gig format extension: Added support for flipping LFO polarity on LFO 3 (in the original gig format this was only available for LFO 1 and LFO 2).
* Bumped version (2.1.1.svn22).
2019-10-01 schoenebeck
* Gig engine: Changed default wave form for all 3 LFOs to sine (instead of triangle; see discussion "GigaStudio LFO compatibility" on mailing list from 2019-09-26 for details).
* Bumped version (2.1.1.svn21).
2019-10-01 schoenebeck
* Gig engine: changed LFO start levels; LFO1 and LFO2 both to mid, LFO3 to max. start level (see discussion "GigaStudio LFO compatibility" on mailing list from 2019-09-26 for details).
* Bumped version (2.1.1.svn20).
2019-10-01 schoenebeck
Refactored LFO class names and their header file names:
* Renamed PulseLFO -> LFOPulse, LFOSawIntMath -> LFOSawIntMathNew, SawLFO -> LFOSawIntMathOld, SineLFO -> LFOSineBuiltinFn, LFOSine -> LFOSineNumericComplexNr, SquareLFO -> LFOSquarePulse.
* Separated LFOSquarePulse (previously "SquareLFO") to its own header file.
* Renamed type LFOSigned -> LFOTriangleSigned.
* Renamed type LFOUnsigned -> LFOTriangleUnsigned.
* Bumped version (2.1.1.svn19).
2019-09-30 schoenebeck
Added new LFO implementations:
* Added int math square LFO implementation.
* Added int math saw LFO implementation.
* Added numeric complex nr sine LFO implementation.
* Added public API C++ class "LFO", which is a cluster class encapsulating all the sampler's LFO implementations to be used by 3rd party applications (e.g. by Gigedit).
* Marked class LFOTriangleDiHarmonic as deprecated (will be removed in future).
* Added LFOAll.h which includes all LFO implementation's header files.
* Fixed benchmarks/triang.cpp falsely having favoured "int math abs" algorithm (since result of 2nd run was not accumulated).
* Added benchmark for saw wave (benchmarks/saw.cpp).
* Added benchmark for sine wave (benchmarks/sine.cpp).
* Added benchmark for square wave (benchmarks/square.cpp).
* Increased amount of benchmarks runs by factor 6 to achieve benchmark times which are large enough on modern systems.
* Cleanup of LFO APIs.
* Bumped version (2.1.1.svn18).
2019-09-30 schoenebeck
* LFOTriangleIntMath and LFOTriangleIntAbsMath: Fixed FlipPhase=true behaviour for start_level_mid.
* Bumped version (2.1.1.svn17).
2019-09-04 persson
* Fixed compile errors with Clang 4.0
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2019-10-24 schoenebeck
* Implemented sample property dialog.
* Bumped version (1.1.1.svn6).
2019-10-24 schoenebeck
* Instrument Property dialog is now tabbed, showing (already existing) instrument settings on tab 1, and showing now DLS meta info on 2nd tab.
* Bumped version (1.1.1.svn5).
2019-10-16 schoenebeck
* Fixed LFO curve previews not being redrawn on UI control changes with certain window managers and/or Gtk versions (patch by Ivan Maguidhir).
* Bumped version (1.1.1.svn4).
2019-10-05 schoenebeck
* Increased crossfade curve preview dimensions (280px X 80px -> 500px X 100px).
2019-10-02 schoenebeck
* GIG SOUND FORMAT EXTENSION: Added combo box for selecting a wave form type for each one of the 3 LFOs (i.e. for overriding the default LFO sine wave form to either triangle, saw or square instead).
* GIG SOUND FORMAT EXTENSION: Added slider for each one of the 3 LFOs for altering the phase displacement of the respective LFO (that is for moving the LFO's start level horizontally on the time axis).
* GIG SOUND FORMAT EXTENSION: Added checkbox "Flip Phase" to LFO 3 (the original Gigasampler/GigaStudio software only supported that option for LFO 1 and LFO 2).
* Bumped version (1.1.1.svn3).
2019-10-01 schoenebeck
* Script Editor: Show warning message in status line if Gigedit was compiled without liblinuxsampler support (to make user aware about limited features due to that).
2019-10-01 schoenebeck
* Require C++11 compliant compiler.
* Draw LFO curves according to settings for each one of the 3 LFOs.
* Added 2 new tabs (a 3rd tab for "Amp" and a 3rd tab for "Filter").
* Shortened "Amplitude" -> "Amp" on tabs (to save space).
* Increased default window width 865px -> 960px.
* Bumped version (1.1.1.svn2).
2019-08-24 schoenebeck
* Script Editor: Added syntax highlighting support for standard measurement units (and their potential metric prefix).
* Bumped version (1.1.1.svn1).
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2019-10-02 schoenebeck
* Autoconf: require at least a C++11 compliant compiler.
* gig.cpp/.h: GIG FORMAT EXTENSION: Added attributes DimensionRegion::LFO1WaveForm, DimensionRegion::LFO2WaveForm and DimensionRegion::LFO3WaveForm, which allow to override LFOs' default wave form (e.g. saw or square instead of the default wave form which was always sine in the original Gigasampler/GigaStudio software).
* gig.cpp/.h: GIG FORMAT EXTENSION: Added attributes DimensionRegion::LFO1Phase, DimensionRegion::LFO2Phase and DimensionRegion::LFO3Phase, which allow to move the start point horizontally of the LFOs' waves on the time axis (0° ... 360°).
* gig.cpp/.h: GIG FORMAT EXTENSION: Added attribute DimensionRegion::LFO3FlipPhase (the original Gigasampler/GigaStudio software only had that flip phase option for LFO1 and LFO2).
* gig.cpp/.h: Added method DimensionRegion::UsesAnyGigFormatExtension() (however only as private method yet, see comments on method why).
* src/tools/gigdump.cpp: Print dimension region properties LFO1WaveForm, LFO2WaveForm, LFO3WaveForm, LFO1Phase, LFO2Phase, LFO3Phase, LFO1FlipPhase, LFO2FlipPhase and LFO3FlipPhase.
* Bumped version (4.2.0.svn1).
2019-07-25 schoenebeck
* Preparations for new release (libgig 4.2.0).
2019-02-28 schoenebeck
* Fixed crash in RIFF, DLS and gig classes which occurred on certain of their actions when not passing a progress_t callback structure.
* Bumped version (4.1.0.svn16).
2019-02-23 schoenebeck
* Fixed several issues with new gig extension file write support (original patch by Ivan Maguidhir)
* Added test cases against helper functions.
* Bumped version (4.1.0.svn15).
2019-02-22 schoenebeck
* gig.h, gig.cpp: Added File::GetRiffFile() method.
* DLS.h, DLS.cpp: Added File::GetRiffFile() method.
* sf2.h, sf2.cpp: Added Sample::GetFile() and File::GetRiffFile() methods.
* RIFF.h, RIFF.cpp: Added a 2nd (overridden) progress_t::subdivide() method which allows a more fine graded control into which portions the subtasks are divided to.
* RIFF Fix: API doc comment for Chunk::GetFilePos() was completely wrong.
* Bumped version (4.1.0.svn14).
2019-02-21 schoenebeck
* Fix: Don't automatically delete RIFF chunks from DLS/gig classes' destructors. Added new virtual method DeleteChunks() to those classes for this which must be explicitly called instead to remove their RIFF chunks.
* Fix: Many methods of DLS/gig classes assumed a RIFF chunk read position of zero; which is unsafe per se.
* Added C++11 "override" keyword where appropriate.
* DLS.cpp, DLS.h: Added new abstract interface base class DLS::Storage which is derived by the respective classes for implementing (the old) UpdateChunks() and the new DeleteChunks() method.
* RIFF.cpp, RIFF.h: Added new method progress_t::subdivide().
* Bumped version (4.1.0.svn13).
2019-02-20 schoenebeck
* Added MSVC build support (anonymous patch from mailing list).
* Introduced CMake build support (yet constrained for building with MSVC) (anonymous patch from mailing list).
* Bumped version (4.1.0.svn12).
2019-02-20 schoenebeck
* WIP: Introduced support for writing extension files (.gx01, .gx02, ...) (original patch by Ivan Maguidhir).
* Bumped version (4.1.0.svn11).
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2019-10-17 capela
* Qsampler 0.6.0 (autumn'19) released.
2019-04-11 capela
* A Spring-Break'19 release (v0.5.5)
2019-03-11 capela
* Pre-LAC2019 release frenzy: v0.5.4 is released.
2019-02-11 capela
* HiDPI display screen support (Qt >= 5.6). (EXPERIMENTAL)
2018-12-06 capela
* Preparations for v0.5.3 (end-of-autumn'18) release.
2018-12-03 capela
* Fixed MIDI and Audio device selection on the common sampler channel settings dialog.
2018-11-08 capela
* Old deprecated Qt4 build support is no more.
2018-09-13 capela
* Fixed LSCP MIME Type as sub-type of text/plain.
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2017-12-12 capela
* An Autumn'17 release: bumped directly to 0.6.0.
2016-11-13 capela
* Preparations for v0.5.8 - A Fall'16 release.
2016-11-03 capela
* Sync to upstream git head.
2016-04-12 capela
* Sync to upstream git repo.
2016-04-06 schoenebeck
* Debian packaging: Updated to compat 7 (was 4), and assigned as maintainer of this package.
2014-01-01 capela
* A fifth of a Jubilee release.
2013-06-01 schoenebeck
* Autoconf fix: AC_CONFIG_HEADER obsolete error (fixes #194).
2013-02-24 capela
* Use getaddrinffo() instead of deprecated gethostbyname().
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2012-05-30 iliev
* save effect parameters into lscp file (see #179)
2012-01-30 iliev
* fixed bug #160
2012-01-25 iliev
* the default MIDI bank numbering is now zero-based
2011-12-15 iliev
* Initial support for Android platforms (only sampler channel manipulation for now - see the screenshots on the website)
2011-11-24 iliev
* fixed bug #156
2011-11-23 iliev
* Added option to select a sampler engine in Add/Edit Instrument dialog
* Moved all Swing dependent code outside the JSampler core
2011-09-19 iliev
* Usе multicolumn menus for adding instruments to MIDI maps and to orchestras from the Instruments Database
2011-08-17 iliev
* fixed engine cache
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2011-11-23 iliev
* Client: added new method - getProtocolVersion
2011-08-17 iliev
* fixed engine cache
2011-08-16 iliev
* Cache engines' info to speed up the sampler channels' info retrieval
2011-07-03 iliev
* added two new methods to FxSend class: getDestChainId and getDestChainPos
2011-06-28 iliev
* added three new methods to EffectParameter class - getEffectInstanceId, getIndex, toString
2011-06-28 iliev
* minor refactoring
2011-06-24 iliev
* Added support for send effects
2009-08-03 iliev
* preparations for release 0.8
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2019-09-16 schoenebeck
* NKSP: Added recently added built-in functions to reference docs.
* NKSP: Added info about std units and finalness to existing functions.
* NKSP: Added recently added built-in constants ~NI_MATH_E and ~NI_MATH_PI.
2019-09-15 schoenebeck
* Draft: NKSP Real Numbers, Units and Finalness.
2019-08-29 schoenebeck
* NKSP reference: Minor cosmetical corrections.
2019-07-27 schoenebeck
* Added release notes for LinuxSampler 2.1.1.
2019-03-10 schoenebeck
* sfz: Added built-in sample type '*silence' to 'sample' opcode.
2017-12-06 schoenebeck
* Updated LinuxSampler 2.1.0 release notes.
2017-11-26 schoenebeck
* Added release notes for LinuxSampler 2.1.0.
2017-10-27 schoenebeck
* NKSP: Added built-in script function "change_cutoff_attack()".
* NKSP: Added built-in script function "change_cutoff_decay()".
* NKSP: Added built-in script function "change_cutoff_sustain()".
* NKSP: Added built-in script function "change_cutoff_release()".
* NKSP: Added built-in script function "change_cutoff_lfo_depth()".
* NKSP: Added built-in script function "change_cutoff_lfo_freq()".
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