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2011-08-25 Added SFZ implementation status page. We are currently in the works to implement support for the SFZ format, which is a powerful and open sample library format, already adopted by many commercial samplers. Check our new SFZ status page to see which aspects of the format are already supported by LinuxSampler, and which ones are yet to be implemented.
2011-07-18 Download the latest OS X snapshot of the sampler! Following our ongoing sympathy for automatic snapshots, we finally provide automatic builds also for Apple OS X! As soon as some developer commits something new to our Subversion server, a new binary snapshot for OS X will automatically be available for download from our webserver within minutes. The snapshot tbz2 archive file contains universal binaries (PPC 32 bit, Intel 32 & 64 bit) of the stand-alone version of the sampler, VST and AU plugin version, and the graphical frontend applications QSampler and Fantasia. Only our graphical instrument editor gigedit is not yet part of the snapshots, it might follow at a later point. Please read the README file in the tbz2 archive file for instructions how to install everything on your Mac.
2011-06-05 From now on, our source code is managed by a Subversion server. We converted our existing CVS repository for the new Subversion server, so the complete history from the beginning of this project is also available in this new Subversion repository. Our old CVS server, along with its web frontend is still available, however is now in read only mode, so no changes can be commited to CVS anymore. On the downloads page you can find instructions how to download ("checkout") source code from our Subversion server.
2011-06-05 After a huge down time of almost one month, we decided to move to new, more reliable servers. Thanks to the University of Heilbronn which kindly hosted our servers for 8 years. We started to move the most important services to a commercial server host, which will be financed by your donations. Sorry for this long absence and thank you for your support!
2011-02-05 Download the latest Windows snapshot of the sampler! Since we have to confess that we are a bit lazy about putting out official releases, and since the latest official release of the sampler for Windows is quite old, we decided to establish automatic builts of the sampler and all other software components for Windows. As soon as some developer commits something new to the CVS server for any of the project's software components, a new snapshot binary for Windows will automatically built and be available for download within few minutes. Sorry for neglecting you Windows users out there for so long!
2011-01-23 In case you are working a lot on Native Instruments Kontakt instrument files, or if you are just interested in the .nki file format, you might have a look at nkitool. It is a simple console application which allows to export and import the human readable XML file from and to Native Instruments Kontakt .nki instrument articulation files. It can be very handy to speedup or even automate the process of creating and editing .nki instrument files.
2010-10-01 LinuxSampler is featured in the october special issue of the "Computer Music" magazine. It is available in English language in magazine stores around the UK. This special issue focused on demonstrating the "best free software" for music production on PC, Mac and mobile. LinuxSampler is covered along to four other samplers, with an introduction howto on page 57. You can read the full article here.
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Latest Subversion Commits

2014-04-15 schoenebeck
* LSCP server: optimized server side processing of LSCP shell tasks (caused a sluggish behavior, i.e. when using arrow up/down keys in LSCP shell).
* LSCP shell: fixed crash on server disconnection.
* LSCP shell: fixed trash printed on terminal for LSCP documentation sometimes.
* Automake: tried to address a compilation error with automake 1.9 (see bug #216), seems that it did not fix it though.
* Bumped version (1.0.0.svn38).
2014-03-09 schoenebeck
* LSCP shell (WIP): Added initial support for built-in LSCP reference documentation, which will automatically show the relevant LSCP reference section on screen as soon as one specific LSCP command was detected while typing on the command line.
* Bumped version (1.0.0.svn37).
2014-03-08 persson
* sfz parser bugfix: generation of velocity curves etc should not be done after each "#include", only after the main file is parsed
* sfz parser bugfix: line numbers in error messages were wrong after "#include"
* disabled build of LSCP shell on windows
2014-03-05 schoenebeck
* LSCP server: fixed crash caused by endless recursion in LSCP shell grammar evaluation algorithm.
* LSCP shell: quit shell app when TCP connection aborted.
* Bumped version (1.0.0.svn36).
2014-03-05 schoenebeck
* LSCP shell: Added support for moving cursor left/right with arrow keys.
* Bumped version (1.0.0.svn35).
2014-03-04 schoenebeck
* SFZ format: Added support for "#include" instruction (modified patch which was originally posted by Sergey on LS mailing list).
* Bumped version (1.0.0.svn34).
2014-03-03 schoenebeck
* LSCP shell: in case of multiple possibilities or non-terminal symbols, show them right to the current command line immediately while typing (no double tab required for this feature, as it would be the case in other shells)
* LSCP shell: fixed sluggish behavior when doing tab auto complete
* LSCP shell: fixed conflicting behavior between keyboard input and LSCP server evaluation result, that caused an inconsistent screen output (keybord input is now never printed directly on screen, only the result returned from LSCP server)
2014-02-23 schoenebeck
* LSCP Server: Fixed bug in LSCP grammar definition which caused a statement like "GET SERVER INFOasdf\n" to be accepted as valid statement (was so far practically irrelevant, however it caused problems with the following new LSCP shell's auto completion feature).
* LSCP shell: improvement of auto completion feature, which now not only resolves the next LSCP command token, but the longest, unique sequence of LSCP commands expected next. Accordingly it can now auto complete an entire line.
* Bumped version (1.0.0.svn33).
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2014-01-12 persson
* added dialog for editing the CtrlTrigger and Legato midi rules
2013-09-16 schoenebeck
* show build date and libgig version number in about dialog
2013-09-15 schoenebeck
* Mac OS X: try to launch the GUI on the process's "main" thread
2013-09-15 persson
* added configure check for Mac OS X
2013-09-15 persson
* fixed compilation error from previous commit (on OS X without gettext)
2013-09-15 persson
* fixed compilation error with newer glibmm
* minor update of Swedish and German translations
* Mac OS X: initialize gtk and gettext with files from base directory of the libgigedit library
* Mac OS X: fixed "recently used" in file dialogs
* Mac OS X: avoid crash when starting gigedit as an application bundle
2013-09-05 schoenebeck
* import 'fine tune' when importing samples with libsndfile
2013-09-05 schoenebeck
* copying sample informations automatically may now be disabled from the new "Edit" main menu
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2014-01-01 schoenebeck
* Added man page for "sf2dump".
* Debian: updated package descriptions.
2014-01-01 schoenebeck
* Enabled automatic svn "Revision" macro expansion on command line tool sources.
2013-12-31 schoenebeck
* Added new command line tool "gig2mono" (and a new man page for it).
* src/gig.cpp: Delete "ewav" chunk of Sample if "Compression" attribute was toggled to false.
* Bumped version to 3.3.0.svn7.
2013-11-25 schoenebeck
* Added new command line tool "gigmerge" which allows to merge a list of gig files to one single gig file.
* Added new "man" page for new tool "gigmerge".
* src/gig.h: Added new method File::AddContentOf().
* src/DLS.h: Added new method File::SetFileName().
* src/RIFF.h: Added new method File::SetFileName().
* src/RIFF.h: Added new method File::IsNew().
* Added "const" keyword to several methods.
* Bumped version to 3.3.0.svn6.
2013-09-08 schoenebeck
* bugfix: sample groups were sometimes created multiple times or with wrong textual group name
* bumped library version to v3.3.0.svn5
2013-09-05 schoenebeck
* src/gigextract.cpp: export sample loop, unity note and fine tune with libsndfile
2013-05-08 persson
* added write support for CtrlTrigger midi rule
* added read and write support for Legato and Alternator midi rules
2013-02-24 persson
* removed usage of deprecated Automake variable INCLUDES
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2014-01-01 capela
* A fifth of a Jubilee release.
2013-07-01 capela
* Standard scalable format (SVG) and MIME type icons support for session files (*.lscp) is now being added.
2013-04-10 capela
* Preparations for Qt5 migration. (FIXING)
2012-12-29 capela
* Preparations for Qt5 migration. (TESTING)
2012-04-08 capela
* Added include <unistd.h> to shut up gcc 4.7 build failures.
2011-11-13 capela
* Fixed handling of installation directories to the configure script eg. --bindir, --datadir, --localedir.
2011-07-18 persson
* Made lookup of translation files work inside a Mac OS X bundle
* Minor Mac OS X compilation error fix
2011-06-05 capela
* Debugging stacktrace now applies to all working threads.
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2014-01-01 capela
* A fifth of a Jubilee release.
2013-06-01 schoenebeck
* Autoconf fix: AC_CONFIG_HEADER obsolete error (fixes #194).
2013-02-24 capela
* Use getaddrinffo() instead of deprecated gethostbyname().
2013-02-23 capela
* Update on newer autoconf macros (m4).
2010-09-28 persson
* fixes for building for Windows with configure and make
* makefile fixes for building in separate directory
2009-08-01 capela
* Preparations for the 0.5.6 release.
2008-12-11 schoenebeck
* fixed locale related parser bug (fixes #59)
* bumped version to
2008-12-07 schoenebeck
* added new client interface functions, for managing the global limit of maximum voices and disk streams: lscp_get_voices(), lscp_set_voices(), lscp_get_streams(), lscp_set_streams()
* bumped version to
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2012-05-30 iliev
* save effect parameters into lscp file (see #179)
2012-01-30 iliev
* fixed bug #160
2012-01-25 iliev
* the default MIDI bank numbering is now zero-based
2011-12-15 iliev
* Initial support for Android platforms (only sampler channel manipulation for now - see the screenshots on the website)
2011-11-24 iliev
* fixed bug #156
2011-11-23 iliev
* Added option to select a sampler engine in Add/Edit Instrument dialog
* Moved all Swing dependent code outside the JSampler core
2011-09-19 iliev
* Usе multicolumn menus for adding instruments to MIDI maps and to orchestras from the Instruments Database
2011-08-17 iliev
* fixed engine cache
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2011-11-23 iliev
* Client: added new method - getProtocolVersion
2011-08-17 iliev
* fixed engine cache
2011-08-16 iliev
* Cache engines' info to speed up the sampler channels' info retrieval
2011-07-03 iliev
* added two new methods to FxSend class: getDestChainId and getDestChainPos
2011-06-28 iliev
* added three new methods to EffectParameter class - getEffectInstanceId, getIndex, toString
2011-06-28 iliev
* minor refactoring
2011-06-24 iliev
* Added support for send effects
2009-08-03 iliev
* preparations for release 0.8
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